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Excellerations World Friends Dolls – Set of All 12

SET INCLUDES: One boy and one girl from each of the following cultures: Indian (Middle East), Asian, Spanish (Argentinean), African,

Social-Emotional Learning Classroom Pack

Help your students develop social-emotional skills with this array of inventive and engaging tools that teach and promote self-awareness, coping

Growth Mindset Kit – Classroom

Develop a growth mindset in your classroom with this kit that includes an inspiring Ready-to-Decorate 3-D bulletin board set and

Splatter Character Kit

Weave character education into your curriculum with this easy classroom system that inspires students to splatter good character everywhere! Introduce

Community Helpers Career Book Set of 10

What do you want to be when you grow up? This series gives young readers an introduction to people in

Aroma Putty Assortment

Leave the fidget toys to the kids and relax with these scented putties that release their delightful aromas as you

Be A Role Model Kit Student Set Of 24

Encourage your students to be role models with this ingenious kit that includes stickers, pencils, a display poster with six

Classroom Behavior Tracking Kit

Start students at the green level on the pocket chart each day and simply move their clothespins up or down

Social-Emotional Learning Essentials Pack

Support the social-emotional needs of your students with this set of inventive and engaging tools that teach and promote self-awareness,

Personal Goal Tickets With Vinyl Press-On Sleeves

Students write their goals and the steps to achieve them on their tickets, then slip them into the vinyl sleeves

Kindness Counts Kit

Create a kind learning environment with this convenient kit that includes d�cor, incentives and rewards, Ready-to-Decorate posters, and more and

Fidgets Teacher Pack – 20 Pieces

Fidgety students will experience relief from stress and soothe their anxiety as they slide the marble back and forth in